Information On Purple Martin House Location

Have a house for purple martins, but not sure where to place it?  Many people get stuck in this situation and are unaware of what’s most effective and what is not. Those who get this right will find it easier to attract a martin colony while those who don’t give it importance are going to fail and/or reduce their chances. Let’s take a look at a few tips to consider when it comes to situating the house for maximum results.

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Open Space Is A Must

The best place to begin would be to find open spaces in the area where the house is going to be situated.  Open spaces of at least 40-60 feet in radius are critical and even more is better.  These open spaces are going to help attract the birds to nest. What is the reason for these open spaces being needed?

Well, first of all, the safety of the nest.  Anything near a tree or overhanging branch could allow predators access to the nest.  Additionally, martins love to perform aerial acrobatics as they move from one place to another, so any restrictions in their flight path are unwanted in their eyes and a negative.  As such, always look to find the most spacious area to situate the house.

Housing Should Be Situated At The Tallest Point

House locations are highly dependent upon how easily attracted the birds are. If the house is not put at the tallest point in the area, they are not going to come. They prefer to stay at the highest points in order to see everything around them, especially food!.  It is a natural instinct and one which has to be respected by individuals who are looking to locate the house.

Put it at the tallest point within a 40-60 feet radius. This alone should be more than enough to help bring the purple martins in over time.

40 Feet Away From Trees

The ’40 feet’ figure is an estimate and does not have to be followed to a tee as that is near impossible. However, the purpose of this tip is to state that trees should not be around where the birds are going to nest.  If there are trees around, they are not going to be attracted to the house.  It is as simple as that.  They will look elsewhere and that is going to make one wonder what they have done incorrectly.

Deciding where to locate the house is always going to vary and this is hard to deal with for people.  However, there are specific spots that are going to yield better results and these are the locations to hone in on. Using the tips pointed out above, it will become easier for you to make the most of the situation at hand and determine what exactly is needed to get the job done. Purple Martins are a unique bird and will have their own reactions to the environment around them, but a well-situated house will do the job as needed. Focus on these minute details and watch as things become easier on your end.

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